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Multi-Residential Solar Air Heating Projects - 180-unit “Bord de l’eau” project (OMH)

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Project :180-unit “Bord de l’eau” project in Old Longueuil, Quebec Installed: December 2011
MatrixAir Delta solar roof modules : more than 100 modules arrayed on the roof
Preheated fresh air delivered : 25,000 CFM
Operation : 7 days/wk, 24 hours per day
Energy Savings : 420 GJ annually
Architect : BPA & Assoc.
The Delta solar air heating system is used to preheat more than 25,000 CFM in fresh-air ventilation, serving both common spaces and individual apartments in the complex, a key requirement for LEED ® Canada for Homes certification. Because the system is designed to last over the entire life of the building and is maintenance-free, energy efficiency gains and lower operating costs are locked in.

The Delta solar heating system is an ideal air heating solution where a conventional MatrixAir wall-mounted solar air heating system is not practical due to poor building orientation, insufficient wall area, local bylaws and regulations or other obstacles. Aesthetics were a key consideration for Bord de l’eau project architects, located on a picturesque waterfront in Old Longueuil, a designated historic district.



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