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IKEA Halifax
IKEA Halifax
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IKEA is a multinational group, with over 400 stores worldwide, that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. In a first for this company, and in keeping with its sustainable building objectives, a solar air heating system was included in the design of this 22,000 ft2 store located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

A 7500 ft2 transpired, MatrixAir® solar collector system in IKEA Blue colour was recommended and installed on the southern facade, overlaying the insulated wall panels on the building capable of providing upwards of 50,000 CFM of preheated fresh air.

As a result of the MatrixAir® installation indoor air quality is assured and this store will be burning 18% less fuel each year to heat its fresh air versus a conventional make-up system alone*.

Project : IKEA New Retail Store Installed: June 2017, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
MatrixAir TR (transpired) solar collector area (total) : 694 m2
Preheated fresh air delivered : up to 85,000 m3/h CFM of fresh air
Operation : 7 days/wk, 24 hours per day
Energy Savings : 864 GJ annually
Annual net GHG Reduction:  
Architect : Stantec Architecture
Mechanical: Stantec Engineering Ltd.
*Per Natural Resources Canada’s RETScreen® simulation software



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