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About MatrixAir™ Solar Air Heating Systems

A Canadian manufacturer of wall mounted, building integrated solar air heating systems Matrix Energy has been providing aesthetic, renewable solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural applications around the world since 1990.

Overall, buildings account for more than 40 percent of total energy consumption in North America and upwards of 85 percent of this energy comes from non-renewable, fossil fuels. Thermal heating alone accounts for over 30% of our CO2 emissions, making it one of our largest single sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Over a twenty-five-year span, the construction cost of a new building typically does not constitute more than two percent of the building's life cycle cost. Our MatrixAir™ solar thermal solutions trim a buildings operating and maintenance cost of heating and fresh air ventilation while improving indoor air quality as well.

Our promise to you? We deliver effective, practical solar solutions with informative technical support to suit your architectural or heating and ventilation needs that facilitate reducing global Greenhouse gas emissions.

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