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The Lester B. School Board building inventory was facing aging electromechanical facilities and building envelopes that were in need of major repairs or even complete replacements in many cases. As part of an energy efficiency overhaul a number of existing schools have been retrofitted with MatrixAir™ solar cladding that is connected to upgraded HVAC systems while new schools such as Margret Manson in Kirkland, QC, Canada integrated its solar air heater as part of the new building design. This 1050 ft2 collector is preheating 2300 CFM of fresh air yielding 31 MWh of energy savings.

Project : Margaret Manson School Installed: 2010
MatrixAir TR (Transpired) solar collector area (total): 1050 ft2
Air volume supplied : 2300 CFM
Preheated fresh air delivered : 31 MWh (RETscreen®)



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