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Sico projectSico projectSico projectSico project
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To break up the look of the long south facing side of this building seven MatrixAir™ TR (Transpired) collectors were installed to serve various make-up air units. A unique feature of the collectors is their inclination that serves to improve solar gain and improve air movement towards the intake during the heating season. Summer bypass louvers have been installed to mitigate and summer overheating. Project details as follows:

Project : Sico-Akzo Nobel Installed: St-Hubert, Quebec
MatrixAir TR (Transpired) solar collector area (total) : 7 collectors of 928 ft2 each
Air volume supplied : 38250 CFM
Energy Savings : 25237 m3 natural gas | 812.8 GJ/ yr
Avoided CO2 emissions : Expected 47.6 tons of GHG reduction
Architect : Gross, Kaplan, Coviensky



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