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Matrix Energy PV Projects

Project : CMHC's Net Zero Energy Homes, Eastman - Quebec
Total Power (kWp) : 3kWp
Type of system: BIPV system connected to the uitility grid

In the context of the CMHC's EQuilibrium sustainable housing competition, Matrix Energy was invited by prefabricated homebuilder Alouette Homes to be a team member. As a proud partner, Matrix Energy designed, supplied and assisted with the installation of a 3kW Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system connected to the utility grid. This system will allow the home built by Alouette Homes in 2007, entitled EcoTerra, to offset most or all of the home's annual electricity demand. Matrix Energy looks forward to supporting sustainable homebuilders with similar solar PV systems in the future.


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MatrixAir™ solar air heating highly efficient and very cost effective means of providing solar air heating and ventilation on new or existing commercial, industrial or institutional buildings operating in cold climates

MatrixAir™ Solar Air Heating Systems - transpired solar heating collector, backpass solar air heating, roof mounted solar air heating system - patent pending.

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