Solar Air Heating Systems

Photovoltaic Power

Grid-tie, grid-interactive and back-up solar power for your smart building

When Matrix Energy began operations in 1985, a 55 Wp solar panel was the largest commercially photovoltaic module available anywhere. Reliable, efficient battery-based inverters were only just entering the market, with only a handful of large grid-tie inverter manufacturers in the world. Lithium ion batteries and maximum power point (MPPT) charge controllers were non existent.

Much has changed since then as 60 and 72 cell, 300 Wp and larger modules are becoming the norm and a plethora of grid-tie micro, string and central inverters, grid-interactive, off-grid inverters and DC optimizers are available offering web-based control, granular, module based output data and monitoring.

Matrix Energy has provided countless stand alone off-grid systems as well as residential and commercial grid-tie and grid-interactive systems for a variety of applications in North America and abroad.

If you have a sustainable, LEED® building project or are considering on-site renewable energy using building integrated photovoltaic or solar thermal systems contact us for experienced systems design, engineering and supply of quality North American made components. Have a look at some of the work we’ve done before or contact us to discuss your plans and get started.


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