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Reduce Your Heating Costs with a Novitherm® Heat Reflector Panel

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How do the Heat Reflector Panels work?

  • The metallic surface on the reflector panel reflects heat back into the room. This immediately improves heating efficiency.
  • The ribbed profile increases hot air circulation thus improving the overall room comfort.
  • With the heat reflector panel, the core of your radiator is kept hotter - therefore, returning the water inside the system to the boiler at a higher temperature. This reduces the amount of fuel required to re-heat the water.
  • Net effect of above permits you to lower your boiler temperature by an average of 5-7ºC, thus saving even more energy.

Designed for use with hot water or steam radiators:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional

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If your building was built prior to 1980 and is heated by hot water or steam radiators/convectors, you are losing a significant amount of heat through the un-insulated exterior wall.

Novitherm Heat Reflectors reduce heat and energy loss by ensuring that most of the heat from your heating unit is passed into the room and not into the exterior wall.

"Heat Reflectors are a simple product designed to fit baseboard and cabinet convectors and cast iron and steel radiators."

The aluminized surface reflects over 90% of the infra-red heat, normally absorbed by the wall behind the heating units, back into the room. This immediately improves comfort levels and reduces your heating requirements.

The molded shape of the Heat Reflector traps air between the Heat Reflector and the wall surface. This creates a thermal barrier which reduces conductive heat loss to the exterior wall. The saw tooth profile of the Heat Reflector, increases air turbulence and circulation which improves room comfort.

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With the Heat Reflectors installed, the core of your heating unit is hotter and returns the water inside the system to the boiler at a higher temperature. This allows you to reduce the overall boiler water temperature to achieve the same or improved comfort levels. The reduction of the boiler water temperature reduces the amount of fuel required to re-heat the water, and you will save money.

Heating system with Novitherm

Heating system without Novitherm

Once Heat Reflectors have been installed, your building will have a reduced heating requirement. We strongly recommend that either your mechanical contractor or control company make control adjustments to reduce the system water temperature by a minimum 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Both should be notified of the installation of Heat Reflectors and the new control settings. If company or building personnel also adjust the boiler system controls, they too should be notified of the new lowered settings. This will maximize your building's comfort as well as your energy savings.

The reflector panels is made of clear PVC with an aluminized heat reflecting surface. The Panel is molded into a "saw tooth" shape to create a still air space when affixed to a flat surface.

Size To best accomodate ease of installation and the variety of heating units, Heat Reflectors sheets are 34.5" (87.6 cm) wide and come in manufactured heights of 8", 12" and 20" (20.3, 30.4 cm, 50.8 cm)
Durability Excepts where subjected to long-term direct exposure to ultraviolet light,
the panels have an indefinite life span. The metallized coating should not
be exposed to water.
Fire/ smoke The panels have been tested by Underwriters Laboratory of Canada (ULc)
and classified to standards:
CAN/ULC-S102M (Flame @ 30; smoke @ 60 to 85)
ASTM E85 (Flame @ 15 to 40; smoke @105 to 135)
Toxicity When tested in accordance with draft EEC Document EN71, the panel were
found to be safe to use where they would be accessible to children.
Emissivity Heat reflectors are opaque to thermal radiation with a thermal reflectance of 90% to 92%.
Adhesive A double sided, pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive tape is provided.

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