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Mont-Saint-Hilaire fire station

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Project : Caserne Mont Saint Hilaire, New Emergency Services and Training Facility
Mont St-Hilaire is an upscale, rural community nestled in the Eastern Townships about 30 km from Montreal. In keeping with its high quality living environment and a sustainable development framework, a solar air heating system was included in the design of this new emergency and fire services facility1.

A flat, hidden faster, 2040 ft2 transpired, MatrixAir® solar collector system was approved and installed on the southern facade, providing 5600 - 10,000 CFM of preheated fresh air as required to the roof mounted air handling units.

As a result of the MatrixAir® installation indoor air quality is assured and this store will be burning 18% less fuel each year to heat its fresh air versus a conventional make-up system alone*.

Installed: September 2017, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
MatrixAir TR (transpired) solar collector area (total) : 190 m2
Preheated fresh air delivered : up to 17,000 m3/h CFM of fresh air
Operation : 7 days/wk, 24 hours per day
Energy Savings : 536 GJ annually
Architect : Leclerc Architecture
Mechanical: SM Consulting
Note: 1.
*Per Natural Resources Canada’s RETScreen® simulation software
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