Solar Air Heating Systems

Backpass Solar Air Heating Specifications and Components

The longer the pass of the air flow within the collector the better. Our MatrixAir™ Backpass Backpass building-integrated solar air heating system will provide a nominal flow of 75 CFM per foot of collector width or 120 l/s per metre of collector width of preheated ventilation or make-up air. The collector is ideally installed facing true south in northern climates, though orientations to the east or west are acceptable.

MatrixAir Backpass solar air heating


Matrix Energy’s Backpass building-integrated solar air heating system uses a nominal twelve inch (300 mm) wide exterior metal cladding selected for its solar absorption qualities, flashing material and cavity framing fasteners. Also included is Matrix Energy ’s proprietary top section plate which creates the modular collector areas for maximum heat gain and optimal air flow. Additional equipment may include HVAC equipment including high volume intakes fans, perforated distribution air duct, bypass dampers for summer operation as well as the HVAC system controls.



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