MatrixAir Building-Integrated Solar Air Heating Systems

How the MatrixAir™ Backpass Building-Integrated Solar Air Heating System works

Designed primarily for new building applications our exterior cladding with a coating designed for its high solar absorption quality is mounted on the outside façade or wall surface in modular sections that optimize air flow and heat gain.

Unlike our transpired, MatrixAir solar collector (see: that has air pass through the absorber plate, outside air generally enters from the top of the non-perforated metal solar cladding that is being heated by sunlight. A sectional plate located beneath the top flashing within the plenum effectively creates a number of modular collector areas for maximum heat gain and optimal air flow. As the air moves at high velocity through the series of channels behind the exterior cladding heat is removed from the back of the absorber plate and enters the plenum located at the top of the collector. Looking from the outside the wall appears to be uniform, masking the numerous, independently optimized solar collectors.

The top flashing serves both an architectural and operational feature acting as a plenum to capture the air leaving the collector behind the absorber as well as a canopy that captures any heated air on the outside of the collector and directed to the HVAC system. The size and shape of this plenum will be dependant upon the total air flow and architectural considerations for each project.

The MatrixAir™ Backpass Solar Air Heating Collector Advantage

Earlier versions of conventional unglazed or glazed backpass solar collectors have had their air intake located at the bottom of the solar collector. Considerable heat, therefore, is always lost as the hot air on the outside of the collector rises and is lost to the ambient air. By locating the collector’s fresh air intake along its top edge, heat that would normally be lost on the outside is instead drawn into the collector where it further heated before entering the HVAC system.

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