Building-Integrated Solar Air Heating System Benefits

MatrixAir™ Building-Integrated Solar Air Heating System Benefits

Energy savings

The MatrixAir™ Solar Air Heating System significantly reduces energy consumption vs. conventional make-up air systems

Air Filtration

The MatrixAir™ solar air transpired collector eliminates up to 50% of the airborne particulate.

Heat Recovery

Effectively doubles the R-value of the exterior wall.

Energy Efficiency

Destratifies hot ceiling air thus reducing heat losses via the roof.


The MatrixAir™ solar air heating collector sooks and installs just like conventional cladding.

Negligible Maintenance

Apart from fan maintenance, nothing else is required.


The MatrixAir™ solar air heating system can operate as a stand-alone system or may be used as pre-heaters for conventional make-up air or central HVAC systems-on new or existing buildings.


Directly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In a typical fresh air heating application 1 m2 MatrixAir™cladding can produce 2.1 GJ or 583 kwh of thermal energy per year :

* Return on investment

Solar air heating systems offer customers a high return on their exterior cladding and air treatment systems investment.

  • Application: Commercial, industrial, institutional
  • Related Uses : Ventilation, make-up or combustion air preheating (ie) Schools, Warehouses; Manufacturing; coal, wood, oil fired, energy plants; Garages
  • Benefits :

  • Related Uses : Process air (or water) preheating (ie) Laundry mats, Textiles, Wood pellet producers
  • Benefits :

  • Application : Agricultural
  • Related Uses : Ventilation air
  • Benefits :

  • Related Uses : Large scale solar crop drying (batch and tunnel type)
  • Benefits :


    MatrixAir™ Transpired Solar Air Heating System- Patent pending.
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