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MatrixAir™ Delta Roof Mounted Solar Air Heating Features

Industry leading efficiency

During independent testing conducted by Exova during 2010 to CSA378 standards, the MatrixAir™ Delta module demonstrated operating efficiencies of 89%, the highest efficiency of any transpired collector tested.

Dual Heating Process

The MatrixAir™ Delta incorporates a dual solar air heating process using both transpired and back-pass solar collector technology that is optimized for solar gain and ease of installation.

Optimized Air Collector & Plenum

Another feature is the combination of an air collection space and insulated air plenum that is integrated behind the collector itself creating a fully modular collector and plenum unit that may be joined in series and parallel as required for increased total air flow and temperature rise.

Flat Absorber Plate

Research has demonstrated that a profiled absorber surface may be subject to heat losses that are exacerbated with increasing profile depth at low flow rates or in windy conditions. MatrixAir™ Delta uses a flat absorber plate in order to expose the full, uniform absorber area to direct sunlight at all incident angles regardless of the time of day.  

Stirring Strips

Yet another feature is the use of stirring strips within the collector itself.  In the area close to the back of the absorber plate air velocity is very low and can form a comparably warm but stagnant boundary layer that must be made turbulent in order to be captured. The Delta features internal stirring strips between the absorber and the back plate in order to create air turbulence thereby increasing collector efficiency and temperature rise.

Reduced Wind Loading

The low aspect and design of the collector reduces wind loading while allowing tight spacing of the modules.  The user specified Bottom, End or Mid-connection of the rows of Delta collectors to the duct transporting the heated air to the HVAC enables the Delta system to easily accommodate most roof layouts using mechanical, ballasted and/or wires.

Dimensions: 305.5 L x 84.2 H x 112.2 W (cm)
Weight: 44.0 kg
CFM per module: 250
CFM per square foot of roof area: 5 – 8
Energy output per collector: 4 GJ/yr

MatrixAir Delta Roof Mounted Solar Air Heating
U.S. Patent #8276580
Patent #2.690.650


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